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Create Stunning photos with Pro HDR on Your iPhone

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Create Stunning photos with Pro HDR on Your iPhone

Pro HDR is my first of a series of sophisticated apps that will expand your creativity and make wall-worthy pictures from your iPhone.
Simply put, HDR is a photographic technique that takes photos exposed for both the highlight detail (bright areas) and shadow detail (dark areas) and blends them together pixel by pixel into a composite image that is exposed properly for both highlight and shadows. Back in the days, photographers used darkroom techniques during the development process to do this. Today your iPhone can do it at the time of the click! My image of “Big Sur Beach” is an example of an HDR processed photo.

Go to the iTunes App Store and get the Pro HDR or Pro HDR X based on your current iOS. Once installed it is easy, you just turn it on! Right there, under Options. Yep, that’s it. Once you have it enabled, every time you take a photo, your iPhone will actually take several photos at varying exposures, apply some fancy mathematics to blend them together, and produce a single beautifully exposed image.